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Come and join our fun holiday program from the 8th of January – 12th of January. 

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Spark Tennis provides the opportunity for your child to get unplugged, come outdoors, and get active during the school holidays.

School Holiday programs are developed with the child’s age, level, and ability in mind, with this we create a program that can help your child continue to practice their tennis skills, meet new friends and have fun in a safe environment. 

So with the School Holidays fast approaching, below are the benefits of joining a School Holiday Program near you!


Our School Holiday Programs are designed to engage your child with fun and educational activities in a safe and fun environment.

Social Benefits

Joining a School Holiday Program will give your child the chance to build new lasting friendships at the tennis club which they may not have made without coming. This will enhance the experience for the child on the tennis journey too!

Spending time outside

Spending more time outside, being physically active with their friends, and less time on the screens! 

Continuing Education

Having a 4-6 week break can be difficult for some kids. The Holiday Program gives them the opportunity to continue their practice and implement their learnings with longer playing times as well. They will also be interacting and learning from different coaches, which will allow them to continue growing as people and players.

Opportunity to try a different Activity

The School term can get very busy and this could be the perfect time to come and try tennis for the first time. You don’t have to have any experience prior to attending a school holiday program and this could be a great time to try without the business of school requirements.

Match Play Practice

Our Holiday Programs also include learning how to play matches with kids of a similar level and age in a safe and friendly environment with coach’s support. Preparing your child for the next steps in their Spark Tennis Pathway!



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