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Swap Screens For Serves: The Benefits Of Tennis For Kids

The rise of digital devices and technology has profoundly impacted children, particularly in their leisure time. While technology has benefits, such as educational opportunities and access to information, excessive screen time has been linked to numerous negative consequences. That’s why sports activities for kids play an essential role in children’s overall growth.

Many experts are encouraging parents and caregivers to prioritize outdoor play and physical activity for kids, including tennis as one of the best options.

The use of digital devices has been linked to decreased physical activity, which can lead to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. This can adversely affect children’s health, including obesity, poor posture, and decreased cardiovascular fitness.

Swap Screens for Serves: The Benefits of Tennis for Kids

Screen time has also been linked to adverse mental and emotional health effects, such as sleep disturbances, attention problems, and an increased risk of depression and anxiety. The CDC reported that children who spend excessive time on screens had increased difficulty sleeping and a higher risk of depression and anxiety.

Fresh air and exposure to nature have numerous benefits for children’s health, including improved physical health, increased mental well-being, and reduced stress. To prevent the adverse effects of screen time, children need to participate in outdoor and physical activities.

Why sports activities for kids are necessary?

Sports Activities For Kids

Physical activity, in general, is crucial for children’s health and development, including improving cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and flexibility.

Tennis, especially Spark Tennis in Gisborne, is an excellent option for children, as it offers numerous benefits for personal growth, physical health, and well-being as one of the top kid’s activities.

Tennis is a fun, social, and challenging activity that offers numerous benefits for children. The sport provides personal growth and development opportunities, including building self-confidence, discipline, and teamwork skills. Tennis is a physically challenging sport that can help improve cardiovascular fitness, agility, and coordination.

Parents and caregivers can encourage children to get involved in tennis by finding local tennis programs, starting small with mini tennis, making the sport fun and accessible, and supporting their children’s interests and goals. The US Tennis Association offers many parental resources, including a “Find a Program” tool to help families find local programs and courts.

In summary, excessive screen time can negatively affect children’s health and well-being. Prioritizing outdoor and physical activities, such as Spark Tennis in Gisborne and other kid activities, can help counteract these adverse effects. Tennis is a fun, challenging, and beneficial activity for kids, offering opportunities for personal growth and physical and mental health.

Nowadays, there are various sports activities available for kids, but kids choose to stick to the screen, which is unsuitable for them. All our tennis programs are designed for kids and adults. Our incredible coaches bring tennis to life and help build skills and confidence.

Spark tennis wants kids to join a different sport and live a healthy and fit life. In Australia average child who acquires a mobile phone is 13 years.
This age is to play and explore new things, so we request you to enrol your child in our tennis academy. Contact us to get more information about spark programs.

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