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Mario is an enthusiastic, dedicated and knowledgeable coach who brings a wealth of passion, knowledge and experience playing on the professional tennis tour. He lives and breathes tennis, thriving on developing his student’s skills that will forge a strong foundation for the rest of their lives, both on and off the court.

As a 17-year-old, Mario was invited to train at the prestigious Mouratoglou Tennis Academy in Paris. There, he had the honour of hitting with the likes of Serena Williams, as well as many of the world’s Top 100 ATP ranked players.

Over his 18-year playing career, Mario achieved an Australian ranking of 72 and has won 10 AMT tournaments that included more than 20 Junior titles. Having travelled all over the world from Europe to Asia and Africa, Mario has competed in many ITF and ATP tournaments both locally and internationally and has completed his Club Professional qualification with Tennis Australia.

To date, Mario has committed his life to playing tennis, with his long-term goal of achieving professional status, a feat he accomplished in 2015.

In 2017, Mario became an accredited Tennis Australia Coach; holding both Junior Development and Club Professional Accreditation, thereby opening up a new chapter in his tennis career.

Today, Mario remains 100% committed to enhancing the lives of his students by promoting diversity, encouraging active participation and empowering them to not only succeed on the tennis court, but in life too. It is for this reason Mario has exceptional retention and has created an environment that is supportive, educational and highly valued within the local community.

His success also extends to the South Gisbourne Tennis Club and its mission to expand and prosper as a tight-knit rural club with the local community, family, growth and fun at the core of its values.

In addition to his myriad of accomplishments, Mario is also bilingual and can speak, read and write in both English and Croatian. His unique ability to communicate with people from varying cultures and backgrounds is what makes Mario a leader both on and off the tennis court.



You could say the tennis court is Jeremy’s second home. For the past decade, the 23-year-old has featured in local tournaments across Melbourne, including Australia’s largest inter-club competition – the Victoria Pennant – in both the junior and senior categories. At national level, he’s also competed in the Australian Junior Ranking Tournament.

Competition isn’t the only reason Jeremy loves tennis, but the mentoring aspect of the game too. With four years of coaching experience under his belt, Jeremy hopes he can continue to build on that career with Spark Tennis while impacting the lives of all his students.

Jeremy also keeps himself busy off the court and is currently studying Science at La Trobe University.


Lee Homewood

Lee is our senior coach for our Mini Spark’s and Bright Spark’s programs. With Lee’s background as a child psychologist, she makes the coaching experience enjoyable and safe for students to get the most out of themselves. Lee has been involved in tennis for over 30 years.  


Jeremy Beale

Jeremy is a professional tennis player who plays on the ATP tour. Jeremy has a passion for teaching what he has learned over his journey and positively impacting those he coaches. Jeremy has a wealth of knowledge of what it takes to get the most out of yourself.

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