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The Benefits Of Playing Tennis For Adults

The benefits of tennis are endless, and the best part is, you don’t have to have any tennis experience to start. With the right coach and program, you’ll learn how to play with lower compression balls which will be a great training tool to build your confidence and help you learn how to play tennis at a quicker rate!

Tennis is a life long sport that has health, social and psychological benefits.

Psychological benefits

Here are four benefits of tennis that our adult program provides for you:

A great social activity

Connection is something we all want and need. The benefit of joining an organised sporting activity is that you’ll get to meet like minded people in the same community as you which is very psychologically and socially rewarding. Whilst you have the opportunity to meet new people, you can also bring a friend along to have a fun workout together!

Physical Well-being

Playing tennis is a great way to build on your overall fitness levels. It has a range of health benefits from cardiovascular health to flexibility and mobility progress due to the different positions your body will be in whilst playing tennis.

Mental Well-Being

Playing tennis helps regulate serotonin, and release endorphins Serotonin is a brain chemical linked to functions such as sleep cycle, appetite, and your emotional state. Endorphins are the body’s famous “feel good” chemical produced by the brain and spinal cord that produces feelings of happiness and euphoria. Tennis is also a decision making game which will help keep your decision making sharp!


Adult enjoy playing tennis

We all know that exercise is so important for our overall health and the benefits are too great to sacrifice, but we also understand that the motivation to get exercise in, can sometimes be low. When you play tennis, you wont feel like you’re exercising because you’ll be having so much fun! That can be in a cardio tennis group or a private lesson with a friend or family member. Either way, you’ll reap the health benefits that exercise provides. It’s a win-win!

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